Privacy Policy

The London Moving Company is committed to respecting the privacy of site visitors. The following Privacy Policy details how we use and protect any information we may collect about our valued users.

How we collect information

Web visitors who make enquiries via The London Moving Company Website consent to the collection and use of their information in line with the terms set out in this policy. Examples of details we collect include email addresses, customer names, and browsing information (this may include the number of times you visit a website or your browser type). We may also collect information via letters, email, or telephone calls.


Cookies are text files placed on users’ computers by websites they visit. Cookies are commonly used to improve the efficiency of sites and help deliver optimum user experiences. If you would like to find out more about how this website uses cookies or to withdraw your consent, please get in touch.

How your information gets used

We will only use your information to ensure our services are as quick and efficient as possible. This could include, for example, the use of contact information to update you on an enquiry.

Your information will only be made available to a small number of designated staff members working within the UK. We will never share, sell, or distribute any information without customer consent unless required to do so under the law.


We have a range of meticulous security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access of customer information and to ensure we comply with relevant legislation such as GDPR. We only retain information for as long as we need it and go out of our way to prevent accidental loss of information.

Accessing your information

You may view and update the information we hold about you at any time. Simply get in touch with our customer service team.