Office Movers London

Our business is moving your business. Office moves can be big projects. They can also be stressful but don’t need to be with our no-fuss office moves in London.

We cover the capital and the surrounding counties of the South East. We can move you further afield if you’re located into or out of the city and need a commercial moving service in London and beyond.

Furthermore, we understand that it can become a fraught affair if you’re in charge of an office relocation. Who will bag the best desk, who sits next to who in the new place, and where the boss will position themselves are as big a set of factors as the logistics?

If people are your biggest asset, then our office removal service lets you get on with looking after them while we take care of the lifting, picking, and shifting.

Office Moves Big And Small

Whether you’re moving into bigger premises next door or relocating a business across town or into another county, our London office movers will take you safely through the process.

Even if your office is small, we’ll be a big help. And if your business is large, it’s the little things we do that matter just as much as the heavy objects we’ll be moving for you.

It might be an entire organisation or teams within the business to move. It could be a new structure you’re implementing that requires an office reconfiguration or departments swapping premises.

And with more people working from home than ever and businesses adjusting their operations to flexible options, it might even be a box of IT equipment or the contents of the office desk that we deliver to your remote staff.

Our services for office moving in London include everything from the boardroom table to the cupboards, the office safe to the photocopier, and everything in between — including the potted plant in the corner — we’ll take great care of it all.

We’ll protect items when needed to ensure they’re not damaged in transit, and we’re fully insured if something goes wrong.

Your office relocation plan

We know that some organisations will produce detailed plans for their office move. If you’ve Gantt-charted every step, then, by all means, discuss it with us and provide us with a copy so that we can follow it. As we are the best office moving company in London, we can work with you to finalise the packing, loading, transportation and delivery stages.

We also know that other businesses might not need (or even have the time) to draw up an actual plan. We can do that bit for you – by following our own office move process, policies and procedures. Furthermore, we will assign a London office move manager to oversee the entire process.

Professional, punctual, polite and prompt office relocations

If you’re hiring a removal firm to assist you in moving your London business premises, then you need to be able to take it as a given that your chosen company will seamlessly fit into your schedule. Working closely with you is the most efficient way to load and unload everything according to plan.

We only recruit people to our crews with a professional, positive, ‘can-do attitude. Believe it or not, some people thoroughly enjoy a job as a removal person – we certainly do. Our staff reflect our company ethos and are required to be punctual and polite.

If you want to provide us with feedback after the move, these qualities will be what we will be checking for as part of our quality assurance processes.

Safety is paramount

All of our staff have received training in health and safety and are either highly experienced in London business relocations or paired with established colleagues if they’re still learning the ropes.

Our office Move Removals Process

Enquiry, pricing and quotes

Simply complete our enquiry form, and we’ll be back to you within minutes. A price or estimate will quickly be with you with a formal quote as soon as we have all the information we need.

You can call us to talk through your requirements in more detail, and we’ll join you on Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, or whichever video calling platform you use so you can show us what you’ve got and where you’re moving from and heading to.

Pack and load

We’ll pack and load on a day and time to suit you. We can offer you overnight and/or weekend moves to minimise the impact on business productivity.

We know the most important thing is for your staff to be able to get straight on with their work at the other end. If you need to store anything for a period, overnight, for a few days, or longer, then we can arrange that, too.

Transport and deliver

We’ll sort out any temporary parking permits that may be needed outside your premises. Our fleet will take the safest and quickest route to where they need to be. You can oversee as much or as little of it all as you want. The London Moving Company is here to provide moving services in London!


We’ll provide you with any aftercare needs in the weeks after your move. If there are any issues you encounter later, just get in touch. We can also arrange to dispose of rubbish items that are no longer required and sort our recycling for everything that can be.

Get in touch with our friendly team of specialists to discuss the requirements of moving your office in London.